Mind behind the label " ZADARA JEWELS " is Nigerian born Dutch designer, Belema Koko Pinkster
Her collections are inspired by the everyday life of strong, independent, classy, and stylish women, from around the world. Inspired by her childhood in Africa, as well as her travels around the world, her collections reflect her eclectic taste, versatility and sophistication. This can be seen in her exquisitely crafted pieces, brought to life through a combination of precious, semi-precious gemstones, crystals, leather and even resin. Materials used in her designs, are sourced around the world, mostly from Italy, Spain, India and Nigeria . With most pieces hand-crafted by her and her team of well skilled Artisans, each piece is truly a work of art, and a unique statement of one's personal taste and style.

At " ZADARA JEWELS " social responsibility and ethical practices are our watchwords, as we ensure that all raw materials are sourced ethically, using the best practices applicable in production. Another example is our Orphanage fund, which donates 10% of all generated income to registered orphanages in Nigeria and around Africa .
Zadara Jewels donates 10% of all generated income quarterly , to orphanages and less privileged children in Nigeria and around West-Africa , through our charity programme "Let the child play "
Your purchase of our goods, helps us buy toys , food , and clothing for these children , including cash donations sometimes . Our future plan is to be able to assist with education for teenage mothers and less-privileged children .

We also produce some of our goods with crafts men and women from West-Africa , as a means to support their crafts and finance .

It gives us lots of pleasure and happiness to be able to give back , and social responsibility will always be our watch word .

Zadara Jewels.